The Importance Of Preventing Land Degradation

As we see more and more development taking place in different parts of the world, land degradation is an obvious outcome in most areas. Damage to land is inevitable as constructions are made to accommodate for the growing urban population and commercial requirements. However, in order to keep an eye on the long term ecological balance of the environment, land degradation degree needs to be determined and steps taken to offset such damages.

Different aspects of land degradation
Land degradation happens when soil that was rich in nutrients and supported a natural ecological system is disturbed due to planned or manmade developments. Degradation can be of different kinds. For instance, in deep dynamic compaction contractors, which is done for construction sites, the soil is made compact by removing air and increasing moisture content. This in turn makes the soil less ideal for vegetation to grow. Natural nutrients in soil are compromised as toxic wastes and chemicals get mixed in soil in development areas.

How land degradation occurs?
Urban development is not the only culprit that affects land or soil in different area. Even agricultural practices such as overworking of soil in a certain area can lead to land degradation. When the topsoil is not replenished with the right agricultural practices the nutrient level in such soil diminishes. Use of chemical based fertilizers and pesticides also affects the soil quality and nutrients that are used by plants for growth. Again deforestation is another common cause of land degradation besides dam construction contractors. This also makes a natural ecosystem destabilized. For instance, the Dust Bowl, which was seen in the thirties, was caused as a large area saw a considerable loss of topsoil. This was brought on by intensive agriculture as well as drought.

How to minimize land degradation?
Nowadays, many companies and environmental agencies are working towards restoring the ecological balance of land in different areas of the world. Remediation methods are different in different places, depending on the kind of land degradation that has taken place. Geotechnical experts and scientists take on projects to make an ecosystem stable again and ways to rebuild a natural land system in different areas. This is most vital in hilly areas where deforestation leads to landslides and earthquakes. Measures need to be taken to help restore the land, soil and rock system that can lead to a stable surface in these areas. Often population redistribution and other measures need to be taken when land or soil systems need to be made stabilized again. Many construction companies and expert services offer intervention methods towards such ends.dam-build