Steps To Give Your Room A Makeover

Are you bored with your old room? Well you probably got it designed when you were twelve years old and now you need something more modern. Your room has to be a place that you love to come home to, a sanctuary of your own. If you hate it, well you need to change it immediately. So here are a few easy steps you could follow to give your room a complete makeover and turn it into a place you love.

  • Plan it out
    There needs to be a plan before you do anything with your room. It might cost you a bit and hence you need to be very sure of what you are doing. Clean your room first of all and remove all unnecessary clutter and cardboard boxes from Dandenong. Next, picture your room the way you want. Then, list down everything that needs to be done for the makeover.
    • Pick a color scheme
      You can pick a color using a color card. The colors next to each other match well while opposite colors contrast. Go with a color that you’ve enjoyed since childhood. Those are the colors that stick with you. Do not choose your favourite color at the moment since they change after a few days. Pick a theme and base your colors on that. For example, if you love the beach, go with light blues and white. Other themes are chic, modern, old-school etc. You can also base your colors on a special object in the room such as a big crystal vase or a painting. Keep your furniture in mind too when selecting colors.
      • Execute plan
        Now that you have an idea of what you need, take a trip to the hardware and paint shop. Remember to be flexible with you scheme since when you visit the paint store and see all those shades, you might change your mind. That is totally fine as long as it matches your room. Clear your room as much as possible before you start painting. Pull out all furniture, packing boxes etc. and make room for the work to be done.
        • Finishing touches
          Now that you’ve got your walls ready, it’s time to decorate your new room. Go shopping and buy new furniture and other accessories if you need them. You could also look up sites that give ideas on do-it-yourself accessories that would add life to your room. Play with lights as it could make your room look bigger and lively. Let plenty of sunlight come in.